Media and Our Church

A lot of people my age aren’t using the degrees they earned in college. They may have majored in student ministry but are working in real estate, or they have a degree in journalism but they’re working as a travel agent. While I didn’t go to school for ministry, I’m glad that I can use what I learned from my degree to help the church.

I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Mass Media. I chose Mass Media because of the broad range of skills it included, like video production, photography, graphic design, website design, and social media implementation, as well as some marketing. While my primary role at church is ministering to students 6th grade through college, I was also hired by to help improve the media used by the church.

When I started, the media of the church consisted of a soundboard and microphones used on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary, a rolling cart with portable speakers and a microphone in the chapel, and three projectors in three different rooms. There was a lot of room for improvement.

Over the past four years I’ve learned from experience how to improve a church’s media and technology presence. I’ve been able to transition the church’s email host from a lame duck company to Google Business (for free, thanks to Google’s nonprofits plan), replace office computers and a network server, change to a new phone and internet company, and upgrade wifi routers. I’ve been able to help install new speakers in the sanctuary, an entirely new sound system in a new sound booth in the chapel, and create and help manage the church’s Facebook page and Instagram account. I’ve helped integrate projection into our worship space to enhance our message and improve communication as well as show baptisms on the screens. I’ve been able to turn Pastor Danny’s sermons into podcasts, where they can be listened to online at or downloaded to a mobile device through iTunes; we have recently begun recording our worship services and streaming it live to Facebook thanks to a new camera called Mevo. This small camera features a 150degree lens, 4K sensor that captures the entire front of the sanctuary and allows our media intern to live edit through an app on her phone.

I don’t list all these things for a pat on the back, but instead to show how far UHBC has come in wanting to get the message of the Gospel beyond the walls of our building. Each worship service that goes live to Facebook reaches an average of 500 people!

I am so thankful to this church family for allowing me to use my talent with media and being willing to follow my lead on improving our media and technology. I’m glad we are investing in the future of this church. I hope we continue to use the means available to us to share God’s love, through both face-to-face interaction and social media.