Building God's Kingdom, Not Our Own

There's something about seeing churches realize that they need to focus on building God's kingdom and not their own that gets me excited. 

I've had the opportunity to build friendships with local youth pastors over the last four years; these friendships have led to partnerships that make tangible differences in our community. A group of youth pastors created the summer mission project Serve Springfield with the goal of partnering youth ministries together to do some good for the Kingdom of God. This will be the fifth year for the event, and recently we had a meeting to share the vision with other youth pastors.

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Serve Springfield has become the most anticipated event our group does because it is so much more than the typical mission trip. Our students work with kids from their schools, sports teams, and music groups to help local organizations that are making a difference in Springfield. They can see the long term benefit of what we do. 

When churches stop seeing their neighbor down the road as a rival and instead see them as a partner, great things will happen for God's Kingdom.

These youth pastors from all over Springfield and the surrounding areas come from different denominations and backgrounds but have decided that it is more important to reach the people of Southwest Missouri with the Gospel of Christ than it is to build their own numbers. 

I'm thankful for our church and its desire to partner with others to see God's Kingdom grow.