The Bible, a Unified Story

I stumbled across The Bible Project while I was doing my morning quiet time with God. They posted their Torah video series to the Youversion Bible app and I began watching to see if it would be something I was interested in.


After seeing their creative way of explaining the first five books of the Bible, I immediately looked up their website to find out more. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins had a dream to change how people read and use the Bible. They believe the Bible is a unified story that points people to Jesus, and can speak for itself with wisdom for the modern world.


The Bible Project offers an animated video for every book of the Bible that explains the themes, context, structure, and how it is part of a unified story. There are also videos that explore key themes found throughout scripture, like the Kingdom of God, Holiness, the Messiah, and others.


I have been using their read-the-bible-in-a-year plan on the Read Scripture app. Their daily readings include a Psalm after each set of chapters to allow you to spend time worshiping God. The app also provides an explainer video for each book as well as theme videos to help you comprehend what the passage means when it talks about atonement, the law, covenants, etc.


Our youth group will spend this semester going through the Old Testament and next semester going through the New Testament led by The Bible Project’s videos; we’ll discuss the major themes and how God’s plan of reconciliation through Jesus Christ started in the Garden of Eden.


I am so thankful for The Bible Project’s dedication to building God’s kingdom and helping us learn that God’s character has never changed.



The Bible Project is a non-profit organization that gives away all of its resources for free. If you would like to help sponsor their amazing work, visit to make a donation.