Good Neighbors

Our church has the pleasure of being in the Rountree neighborhood and sitting a stone’s throw from Rountree Elementary. UHBC has volunteered with the school for years (probably longer than I’ve been alive) and continues to look for ways to be good neighbors.

I get to partner with them by taking on chauffer duties for the fifth graders once a month. I take a small group of students and an administrator to Missouri State where they give the Rountree News Update on KSMU.

Rountree fifth graders have been partnering with KSMU on the News Update for around 20 years. The students write their news pieces about events happening at the school then record them with the help of the wonderful staff at the radio station. They learn that it’s ok to make mistakes and see how a rough audio recording is edited into a polished package that airs several times during the month.

Over the past four years I have gotten to see many fifth graders hearing their recorded voices for the first time. Most can’t believe how they sound and even a few have put their hands over their ears, though they quickly remove them when they hear their classmates’ voices.

It has been fun to be involved in just a small part of the life of our neighborhood students. I strive to set a Christ-like example in the 45 minutes that I’m around them and hope, if nothing else, that they see UHBC as a good neighbor.