More than Just "The Talk"

There are several key topics we believe we need to walk through with our middle and high school students on a regular basis. One such topic is challenging students to navigate relationships and sexuality in a way that honors God. We are living in a world that is presenting (and even promoting) a message to a younger and younger age that says, "You are defined by your relational and sexual pursuits." It’s something we HAVE TO be talking about at home and in the church.


"God, Guys & Girls" is a series from Derry Prenkert, youth pastor and author on

"God, Guys & Girls" is a series from Derry Prenkert, youth pastor and author on

As we processed this thought a little more deeply, we decided to take the youth group through a series called, “God, Guys, and Girls,” from a fellow Download Youth Ministry author. This series dives into what the Bible says about relationships, love, lust, sex, dating, and nurturing a desire for sexual integrity.


Before we started this series we took a Saturday morning to prepare the parents. We deeply believe in this conversation and knew parents would value a chance to ask questions and hear from other parents. We talked through what it looks like to parent teens toward sexual integrity in this current culture and how essential parents are to helping their teens develop a biblical sexual worldview. We can’t just have “The Talk” anymore; it must be “The Conversation.” Parents must become the experts in their kids’ minds and must show grace and understanding when their kids mess up.


The key idea that we are trying to communicate to our teens, and the idea that we need to hold onto as well, is unless I’m wholeheartedly pursuing a relationship with Christ, all other relationships will be a hopeless attempt to fill that void.



Pray for the youth ministry as we have some tough conversations ahead of us, but especially pray for the parents that they will have the courage to keep the conversation going and will always point their kids back to Jesus.