Celebrating Our Little Free Library

Birthdays through the eyes of a child are truly mesmerizing. Family and friends gather to celebrate this special little one and shower them with hugs, presents, and yummy treats. Everyone deserves to feel special on the day God brought them into the world. I’m excited to share that our church family is throwing a birthday party for our Free Little Library, which turns two, on Wednesday, March 7th!

University Heights' Little Free Library on the corner of Grand and Kickapoo

University Heights' Little Free Library on the corner of Grand and Kickapoo


If you haven’t had a chance to see the Free Little Library, it’s located at the corner of Kickapoo and Grand. The nephew of one of our church members built the Library and it stands on the corner of our church’s lot, facing Rountree Elementary. We love seeing parents and children utilize its FREE items. I'm so thankful that the Searchers Life Group has championed this wonderful ministry as well as the Library Staff that monitors and keeps it well stocked.  Without material, this library would not be enjoyable for the kids and adults that frequent it. To all of those who have donated books, THANK YOU!!!! What a wonderful way to build community and spark creativity.

The Children’s Ministry is looking into purchasing books from Grace and Truth Publishers, who specialize in books for children designed to strengthen their walk with God. We plan to have these books available in our own church library as well as our Little Free Library. 

Please come and join the birthday party for our Little Free Library this coming Wednesday, March 7th, in the Fellowship Hall and celebrate the many people who have made this community outreach SUCH a success.

Because of Christ,



Abby Hathcock

Children’s Minister