My DYM100 Trip

Download Youth Ministry is an online store designed to help youth workers win by providing high quality, trench-tested resources. Curriculum, games, small group studies, devotionals, and even administrative paperwork is available for purchase at an extremely affordable rate. Youth workers can spend less time searching for material and spend more time doing what they’re called to do: minister to teenagers.

Doug Fields and Josh Griffin, founders of the site, are former youth workers with 50+ years of experience between them and have ministered at churches like Saddleback and Mariners in Southern California. They love helping other youth workers succeed in reaching teenagers.


What is so unique about DYM is that they not only sell incredible resources to youth pastors but they also invite youth pastors to send in their own resources to be sold on the site. The youth pastor makes 50% of the profit on each of their items sold.

Doug and Josh also host a podcast-turned-webshow where they invite youth workers to send in their questions.


Many youth pastors attend conferences to gain new ideas to incorporate into their ministry. A typical youth ministry conference is set up for experts talk about the nuts and bolts of youth ministry, go to breakout sessions, then head back to the hotel to do it all over again the next day.

DYM100 was launched as a different kind of conference. Instead of paying a large fee to share a conference room with hundreds or thousands of people, DYM100 had an application process where youth ministers from all over North America had to share why this kind of conference would help them. Only 100 were selected to attend.


This smaller, more intimate group shared time around tables discussing triumphs, struggles, youth ministry in particular, and life in general. We not only heard from world renowned speakers like Reggie Joiner, Tim Timmons, and Kay Warren, but we also heard from Olympic Gold Medalists Kaitlin Sandeno and Bryan Clay, UFC Champion Mark Munoz, and pastors and professors from the area. Instead of just listening and taking notes, we were invited to ask questions and interact with the speakers.


Out of all the topics we covered, one that has stuck with me is hearing Kay Warren talk about grief and ministry. After Kay and Rick lost their son to suicide, they were devastated. She spoke of coping with depression, loss, and how grief is a good thing, especially for Christians, because it helps us deal with pain.


We also got to hear from a panel that involved each DYM staff member that worked in youth ministry as well as their spouse. They talked about the balance between ministry and family and how important it is to treat your family as your first ministry.



DYM100 also gave us opportunities to relax and have fun with other youth pastors. One night we had a trampoline park, similar to Sky Zone, to ourselves. Another night we played bingo and had the chance to get a massage, haircut and beard trim. Doug also invited his friend, Scott Rummell, to hang out with us. Scott narrates many of the action movie trailers like Jack Reacher and many of the Marvel movies, and lent his voice to many youth pastors’ voicemail answering system (if you call and get my voicemail, you might get to hear some of his best work).


The entire DYM100 experience was incredible; I’m still processing what I learned and hope to incorporate some of these ideas into the UHBC Student Ministry. I am so thankful to Doug, Josh, and the rest of the DYM team for selecting me for this incredible time of learning, connecting, and refueling.  I’m thankful to my UHBC family for giving me time away and the resources to travel to Southern California for this amazing opportunity.

Trey Hathcock