Declaration of Faith

When men and women of like mind and common ideals feel called upon to band themselves together to form a Christian fellowship, it should be done in the spirit of reverence, in good conscience, and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, to the end that, working together, they may carry out the spirit of Christ’s “Great Commission”.  Such is the spirit and the aim of the University Heights Baptist Church.

To achieve our aims, we believe we must have a common faith.  We believe, too, that common honesty demands a declaration of our faith as we affirm our place alongside the Christian churches of this community.  In regard to OUR FAITH: --

WE BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as our Lord and only Saviour.  We believe that the just shall live by faith in Christ alone.  Not in sacraments, nor ordinances, nor rituals; not in creeds, nor conventions, nor even in churches, but in Christ alone is our salvation!

WE BELIEVE, with true Baptists of all times, that the New Testament is the sole guide for our faith and practice, interpreted under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Allowance has always been for divergence of opinion and for sectional differences in customs and practices.

WE BELIEVE that each local Baptist Church is completely autonomous, or self-governing.  This belief is founded on the authority of the New Testament; therefore, our ordinances --- the Lord’s supper and Baptism and all matters of polity are left where Baptist founders placed them – to the decision of the local Baptist Church.

WE BELIEVE that we follow the injunction of the New Testament in regard to participation in the Lord’s Supper -- that each person “should examine himself” and determine in his own heart whether he is prepared to partake of the Lord’s Supper with his fellow Christians.  On this ground, we count it a matter of joyous Christian fellowship to join with all Christians in this sacred ordinance.

WE BELIEVE that immersion is New Testament baptism; that this ordinance has no saving power, but that it is a matter of Christian obedience, therefore, we receive into our fellowship those who, upon profession of faith, have been immersed.

WE BELIEVE that true Christian fellowship, for which we strive, is based on a shared faith in God and on the equality before God of all people regardless of race, nationality or gender and we strive to make this high concept real in our agreements and to help us overcome our differences.  True Christian fellowship implies an understanding of and cooperation with others to achieve worthy goals; thus we seek to present to the world a spirit of unity and good will which is essential to the effectiveness of our Christian witness.

In our worship, we exalt the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and lift Him up that all people may be drawn unto Him.  We dedicate our building, our equipment, and our ministry to be channels through which God’s Spirit may flow into the hearts of people.  We seek to be a great Church – great in the way Jesus taught – “He that would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.”

In simple faith, we face forward with Christ in our hearts as our hope of salvation and God’s Book in our hands as the light for our way.